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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Women Are Different: Learn How to Eat Healthy as You Age, Stay Balanced and Regulate Your Sleep with Cheryl Schirillo

Wanna know when your energy level's highest? Why your skin, hair, and joints get dry, and which foods cure that? Listen as Cheryl helps you tune into your body, mind, and spirit.  Dive into the ancient healing and wisdom practice of Ayurveda and gain insights into you, your digestive health, and your overall well-being. “Women who understand and honor the 28-day rhythm throughout the month are a lot happier and take care of themselves a lot better. - (4:43) Cheryl  Listen as Ayurveda health and mindfulness teacher Cheryl Schirillo provides you with insights on Ayurveda’s powerful impact on women’s lives and how it can help you live a healthier, more balanced life. ”Everything in the universe, dead or alive, is connected to your mind, body, and spirit in harmony with the universe, nature, and the seasons. And you get to have good health when everything's in harmony.” – (1:46) Cheryl Learn Dosha dos & don'ts: the different doshas and how aligning your lifestyle with your dosha can bring balance and vitality to your life. How to start your day with magic and the transformative practice of gratitude! Begin awakening practices and why paying attention to dream messages matters. You’re going to attract the best people to you after listening to Cheryl and Lauren in this episode. “Find your soul tribe, the others who are just really, really grateful to be alive.” – (36:47) Cheryl   In This Episode: (4:00) – The different rhythm cycles of men and women.  (4:26) – How your energy differs depending on the full moon versus the new moon. (4:43) – How to notice and honor your rhythms. (5:20) – What to do during a  new moon cycle. (6:16) – How the moon impacts your appetite and digestive system.  (7:00) – Food recommendations with Ayurveda. (8:45) – Understanding the role of your diet.  (10:21) – How to define your dosha. (13:00) – What happens when you're out of balance with your dosha. (13:21) – Why you should eat juicy foods and the power of life consistency. (13:57) – How cold drinks impact your digestive system. (17:21) – The infusion of East Indian shamanism into the practice.  (19:35) - Swimming with Dolphin. (22:58) – Understanding dolphins and how smart they are.  (26:40) – How to meditate, and it’s okay to start with two minutes.  (27:05) – How meditation helps you to thrive.  (31:41) – Can you really talk to plants? (32:30) – The power of herb combinations.  (33:00) – The conversation with nature is two-way but only happens when you open your heart.  (33:44) – The most magical time of the day. (35:09) – The importance of focusing on the one thing you’re looking forward to.   Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren! Go to and get up to 50% off your subscription for the next 10 days with my code HOPELAUREN. Cheryl Schirillo

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