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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Uncover Your Intuition: Embracing Self-Compassion and Inner Transformation with Valerie Inez

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on? Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-compassion, intuitive gifts, and finding your inner power?  Tune in as spiritual coach and author Valerie Inez delves deep into the concept of shadow work, unraveling unconscious beliefs, patterns, and triggers, and uncovers how embracing your divine feminine energy and trusting your intuition can lead to profound personal transformation. “I remember I wrote a letter to God, and I'm like, look, this is not the life that I want to live.” - Valerie (1:57) Valerie offers practical tips on how you can address those limiting beliefs and detach from conditioned notions of not feeling "good enough." From exploring intuitive gifts to nurturing self-compassion, Valerie's wisdom and practical insights will leave you inspired to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. “Everything that I experienced was actually real because they were validating it. And so now what I'm doing is showing people how to use their intuitive gifts, which is just a natural part of you.” - Valerie (12:31) This episode is a must-listen if you’re seeking to embrace your intuition, cultivate self-compassion, and find inner light and power in your journey of personal growth and making that shift in your life. Listen and discover how to unleash your inner power and manifest your dreams! You deserve it. “If you could see somebody else do it, why not you? Aren't there like 7 billion people on this planet who are all so unique and different in their own way? If you could see somebody doing what you want to be doing, why not you too?” - Valerie (18:26) In this Episode: (02:25) - Not everything that you see outside is what you perceive it to be. (03:36) - How shadow work uncovers the unconscious. (05:12) - The power of meditation in addressing your limiting beliefs. (13:44) - Practical tips to tap into your intuitive gifts. (17:05) - Following your instinct rather than questioning it. (18:23) - How to challenge your negative self-talk and get rid of limiting beliefs. (21:58) - Rejection is God’s protection! (27:35) - Trust yourself to trust and own who you are. Resources and Links 52 Weeks of Hope Valerie Inez Shadow Work Journal for Self-Love Embrace Your Shadow: Guided Journal and Workbook

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