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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Unlocking Your Inner Peace: Embracing Spirituality and Finding Your Joy with Lisa McCourt

Are you ready to transform fear into excitement and find true inner peace? Embrace fear as a signpost for growth? Learn how to release those things that trigger you?Hear Lauren Abrams and Lisa McCourt discuss embracing fear as a signal for potential growth and change. Learn how to shift your mindset from fear to excitement and allow it to guide you toward your most fulfilling life. Discover the profound difference between conditioned wants and soul wants, and how aligning your actions with your true desires can bring unparalleled joy. "That fear means that, oh, there's something potentially big and juicy in front of me here."    - Lisa (15:06)  “Emotion is meant to flow through us and be released. And when we have traumatic situations or little traumas, it doesn't have to be what we think of as traumas.” -Lisa (8:46) Uncover techniques for managing emotional triggers and practicing self-compassion to release stored emotional pain. “When we have these triggers happen, the tendency is to tense up either our physical bodies or just our energetic body. And usually, you can feel somewhere in your physical body got tense, whether your brow is furrowed or your shoulders. So then it's just relaxing your whole physical body when you have the ability to do this in the moment.” - Lisa (10:07) Discover from Lisa how adding mindfulness and meditation into your everyday routine can help you see things differently and experience general emotional development.  “It's giving yourself compassion around your anxiety. We compound everything. We feel anxiety, and then we get mad at ourselves for feeling anxiety, or we feel, you know, like annoyed or stressed. And then it's like, what do you have to be stressed about? You should be so good. You know, it's like we compound it by judging ourselves for our negative emotions.” - Lisa (13:19)  Find out the deep insights Lisa shares as she explores how these transformational strategies act as triggers for you to re-establish a deep connection with yourself. Learn more about how mindfulness and meditation help you distinguish between the critical and loving voices inside of you. “Our negative emotions are just human. They're beautiful, and they're there because of something that took place. And it's okay. And we just have to love ourselves through it.” - Lisa (13:34)  The Path to True Happiness: "We have to learn how to have the peace, the joy, the calm in our inner landscape, and then that energy goes out and so effortlessly starts changing everything in our external landscape."      - Lisa (16:50)  One of the standout segments in this episode is Lisa’s advice on discerning between conditioned wants and what your soul truly desires. This guidance is a game-changer for anyone feeling unfulfilled, despite ticking off all the metaphorical boxes of success. Lisa passionately emphasizes aligning your actions with what genuinely brings you fulfillment. “It's really just, again, getting some discernment between the voices in our head like that super loud voice of our inner critic and that ticker tape that's constantly going by. We have to be able to quiet that to hear the little bit more sensitive, delicate voice behind it.” - Lisa (20:30) Learn self-compassion techniques. Be gentle with yourself. Recognize and release negative thoughts, and practice self-compassion to overcome past conditioning and emotional pain. “Hear the voice in your head, take some distance to, to watch the thoughts that are going by. We bring so much additional interior muck into our worlds with that voice in our heads, which goes on to create all these problems that we have out here. The whole game of whack a mole could basically be avoided if we would learn to be more compassionate with ourselves and not let our thoughts take us down all these dark roads.” - Lisa (27:55)   In this episode:  (00:34) - Introduction of the guest, Lisa McCourt (07:13) - Discussion on taking pauses and managing stres

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