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Living Without Regrets: Jodi Wellman on Making Your Time Count

Imagine waking up and realizing that today could be your last. Not a Debbie Downer, this enjoyable episode brings you ideas sparking so you’re living a life true to you. Are you living intentionally? Do you do things that light you up and bring you joy?  Find out how right now! The Power of Simple, Joyful Activities:  From making a list of simple activities that bring joy to spending intentional time with loved ones, get practical tips for living more fully. Intentional Living and Personal Growth:  Discover why focusing on one area of life that needs improvement leads to significant changes and a more fulfilling existence. Embrace Boldness and Overcome Fear:  Author and inspirational leader Jody Wellman shares how the greater regret often lies in not trying at all, rather than fearing mistakes, urging you to take courageous steps toward your dreams. In this episode, Lauren Abrams has a heart-to-heart with Jodi Wellman, author and inspirational leader with a deep well of wisdom about living intentionally and savoring every moment. Jodi shares how the concept of memento mori—remembering that we must die—has fueled her passion for purposeful living. She opens up about her own struggles, including overcoming an eating disorder, and reflects on how her mother’s unfulfilled dreams influenced her own path. Join us for a conversation that will inspire you to live more fully and authentically. Tune in and discover how to embrace each day with purpose and joy. "My biggest impetus would have been my mom dying in her late 50s. She had a bunch of regrets about things she didn't do, and that was such a wake-up call for me."    – Jodi, (3:44). “We are all just fabulous ticking time bombs, and I would hate the idea that any of us gets to the end and says, ‘I really wanted to do this thing, and I didn't’ ” – Jodi, (21:41). You will learn the transformative power of facing your fears and embracing the courage to pursue your dreams. In this episode, Lauren and Jodi explore how to tackle the fear of future regrets and find joy in the everyday. They share actionable tips on savoring simple pleasures, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and living with purpose.  "I want to be proud of myself that I gave it a go. I want to look back and demonstrate to myself that I care enough about this precious life I've been granted." –  Jodi, (10:51). You will learn how to take bold, intentional steps toward your aspirations.  Jodi inspires us to be mindful of our time and make sure it aligns with our deepest values and dreams. In this episode, you will also discover how to focus on what truly matters and create a life filled with purpose and passion. “I want every person listening right now to stop and think because there's a thing you want to do. If it matters, you have feelings about it. If it matters, it's usually a cocktail of excitement and energy but also some kind of fear.'” – Jodi, (32:00). Hear Jodi share invaluable insights on how to make the most of those precious moments of unexpected free time. Instead of passively waiting for life to slow down, Jodi encourages you to prioritize activities that bring joy and fulfillment proactively. She suggests having a ready list of joyful pursuits so that whenever a free moment arises, you're prepared to dive into experiences that nourish your soul and add meaning to your life. Don't wait for the perfect time; create it with purpose and intention.   “There's a reason we're on autopilot, and there's a reason we take life for granted. If we're willing to face facts, which is darn it all, we're temporary. That sucks, and let's use that to our advantage– Jodi, (32:51).   Tune in for an enriching conversation and start your journey to a more intentional and joyful life! Let's dive in!   In this episode: (01:37) - The concept of "memento mori" (03:44) - Recognizing regrets and taking action (04:32) - Overcoming fear and taking the first step (11:31) - Living with

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