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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

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How to Break Free from Fear: Embracing Change with Becky Vollmer

Do you feel stuck? Like you’re enduring your job, relationship, or habits? Not doing what you want and knowing you’re meant for greater? Listen and learn how it isn’t courage but feeling like you don't have options that keep you where you are.   Learn the surprising statistics of how many feel stuck and how few actually make a change. Hear how to make choices through small deliberate actions for the transformation you long for.    Listen to learn practical, easy-to-use insights (and you’ll laugh) as Lauren and author, speaker, and yoga teacher Becky Vollmer help you learn how to unlock your inner compass so you can take actions aligned with your unique vision.   “I think the biggest aspect of hope comes in when we don't believe that we are stuck and suddenly when we can say, I feel stuck. That's different than saying I am stuck. (Becky, (27:24).   When Becky Vollmer felt stuch and finally took that leap of faith,  jumped, then figured out what she really wanted to do with her life, then listened to her inner voice, she’s made it her mission to help you do the same. She’s helped 1000’s get “unstuck” and helps you, too, on this episode! Journey Through Fear: Hear the common fears that paralyze us —fear of failure, judgment, and uncomfortable change. Learn insights into overcoming your fears. Tools for Transformation: Becky shares the incredible role that yoga and meditation played in her personal growth and recovery. Whether navigating professional burnout or personal challenges like sobriety and divorce, Becky gives you practical steps and thought processes to reclaim your inner strength. Embracing Self-Care: Tune in to understand why making time for self-care isn't just beneficial but essential for your productivity and mental health. Beyond Limiting Beliefs:  Find inspiration in Becky's own path to breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and discover how to start listening to your own inner voice. “About 2 thirds of people said they felt like they needed to change. 40% of people said they were ready to change. I asked people how many of you feel empowered to change, and that number plummeted down to 14%” Becky, (11:30). How does Becky help people get unstuck? She empowers them to realize that they don't need external validation to make a change. Many of us feel disempowered, lacking the agency to make our own choices. Learn how to reclaim your power and create a life that resonates with your true desires. "I help them see that they don't need anybody else's permission to make a change " –  Becky (11:12). As a yoga teacher, Becky experienced firsthand the transformative power of this ancient practice. Yoga was her sanctuary during a tumultuous time, offering not just physical and mental benefits but also a spiritual awakening. It taught her to control her body, breath, and mind, leading to a deeper self-understanding and a realization of her potential. "There was something about [yoga] that I couldn't quite name, but it was quiet, and I liked that enough that I was willing to sit through the discomfort of not knowing what the hell I was doing to try to do that again." – Becky, (14:46) Tune in and discover why  Becky's personal and professional experiences are a beacon of hope for many. Her insights on making guided choices from the soul rather than the ego, and the role of yoga and self-reflection in her transformation, are invaluable lessons for us all. Remember, you are not stuck. You have the power to transform fear into freedom and to make choices that align with your soul's purpose. “Maybe we have been doing what we're supposed to be doing for that period of time and maybe it's just time to do something different.” – Becky, (2:48).   In this episode: [00:57] Introduction to Becky Vollmer   [01:21] Becky's journey and her book "You Are Not Stuck"   [02:34] Recognizing the need for change   [03:38] Becky's transition from corporate role to intuitive coaching   [07:21

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