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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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The Best of 52 Weeks of Hope: Part 3

Do you ever feel like your gut instincts get drowned out by the noise of life? Are you curious about tapping into your sixth sense and deciphering the universe's whispers? If you're nodding along, you're not alone. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything happening around us, making it tough to trust our instincts. Kelsey Aida, an intuitive author, who dives deep into the heart of intuition. She shares her own journey, highlighting those crucial moments where listening to her gut proved essential. Kelsey's story is a reminder of the power of inner guidance, especially as she deals with the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams like her desire to become a professional dancer. Despite setbacks, she learns to embrace her intuition, driving her toward her dreams with courage. “The hardest challenge was the heartbreak of not becoming a professional dancer. I thought you created me for this, but now you're taking it away, and I don't understand." – Kelsey (3:22). Following Kelsey's insights, we have Laura Alden Kamm, another intuitive author, sharing profound thoughts on intuition. Laura describes intuition as that quick and ready insight we all possess, almost like a divine wisdom ingrained within us. She talks about the different forms intuition can take, whether it's through inner voices, synchronicities, or dreams. “Probably the quickest definition is simply quick and ready insight, but I think of it as sort of divine wisdom that we're all hardwired with”.   – Lynn, (06:30). And lastly, Chris Shelton, a qigong instructor and author, who sheds light on the ancient practice of qigong and its healing powers, especially for those dealing with emotional wounds. Chris walks us through the principles of the five-element school of Qigong, showing how it can help address emotional trauma and promote overall well-being. “If you want to improve your health quickly, and if you want a tool right away to help you with emotional trauma past and present, then qigong is what you need to do."- Chris  (08:57) In this episode:  [00:01:00] Trusting your intuition [00:03:22] Overcoming heartbreak   [00:04:57] Message of hope   [00:05:51] Accessing your intuition   [00:06:40] Practical guidance   [00:07:36] How you transition [00:08:47] Healing benefits of Qigong   [00:10:29] Qigong for your emotional healing   [00:18:05] Self-empowerment and healing   [00:19:38] The impact of societal expectations on girls   [00:22:21] Writing a book and overcoming self-doubt   [00:24:20] Personal journey of healing and self-discovery   [00:25:50] Embracing authenticity and intuition   [00:32:51] Message of hope and personal growth    Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren!   Kelsey Aida Books for Sale Facebook Instagram   Lynn Robinson Books for Sale Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin YouTube   Mike Prince Instagram Website – The Conscious Creator Facebook YouTube   Chelsey GoodanIf You Have a Teenage Girl in Your Life, You Need to Read This: A Book Excerpt on Oprah Daily Chelsey Goodan’s UNDERESTIMATED: The Wisdom And Power Of Teenage Girls: Instagram Twitter  TikTok   Chris Shelton Website Facebook Twitter (X) Instagram YouTube

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