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Lauren Abrams



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Increase Your Happiness: Five Effective Ways to Practice Daily Gratitude

Do you want an easy attitude adjustment? A simple way to instantly change your mindset? Listen and learn the superpower of gratitude practices that take only minutes and boost your mood instantly. Gratitude is more than a polite "thank you." Experience the transformative force that’ll lift your spirits. Imagine starting or rebooting your day with a deep sense of happiness and joy, just by adding in some gratitude! In this episode, Lauren Abrams talks about the incredible superpower of gratitude. She reveals how this simple practice can unlock a life full of purpose and provide an immediate boost to your mood. Tune in and discover how gratitude can be your secret weapon for living a truly fulfilling life. "Gratitude is a lot more than just a thank you, It shifts your mindset. Whatever you focus on grows. So if you look for the bad and what's wrong in the world, you will find it. But when you look for the beauty, that's what you'll see."    – Lauren, (0:50). Discover five practical ways to embrace gratitude in your daily life. Whether it’s jotting down moments of thankfulness in a gratitude journal, savoring mindful moments throughout your day, or starting a gratitude jar filled with positive reflections, these simple yet profound practices can lead to monumental shifts in your life. Imagine boosting your self-esteem, enjoying better sleep, and feeling a stronger sense of connection with those around you. By trying a few simple practices that take minutes, you’ll not only deepen your appreciation for the present moment but also enhance your overall well-being. Join us in exploring how these small acts of gratitude can bring about lasting, positive changes in your life. "The number one thing we need in this world is more community. It ends isolation, loneliness and everything else." – Lauren, (16:00). Get ready to dive into the transformative power of gratitude with Lauren. Stay tuned till the end for an exciting preview of next week’s episode featuring self-improvement advocate Scott Stabille, where we’ll explore the vital themes of self-love and acceptance. Let’s start this journey together!   In this episode: (00:53) - Gratitude and how to have an “attitude adjustment” (01:57) - Gratitude journal (03:57) - Thank you notes (05:10) - Mindful moments (06:20) - Gratitude meditation (07:37) - Gratitude jar (10:23) - Tune in next week for inspiring self-love.   Resources and Links  Weeks of Hope Schedule a Confidence & Clarity Boost Session with me   If you want to start your Podcast Podify - Website    If you are feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, gratitude might be the key to finding peace and joy amidst the chaos Lauren will help you: Understand the importance of gratitude in leading a fulfilling life. Discover five practical ways to cultivate and maintain gratitude in daily life. Learn why it is important to keep a gratitude journal. Understand the significance of expressing gratitude through thank you notes. Discover why taking mindful moments each day is vital. Learn why you should incorporate gratitude into your meditation practice. Understand why you should write down notes of gratitude and place them in a jar throughout the year.   Key Takeaways    “By the time you get to the end of the gratitude list, that's when you're grateful, and it's just a great exercise. Try it.” – Lauren, (02:15). “Being in gratitude increases happiness, amplifies positive emotions, and makes you feel happy, full of joy, and content” – Lauren, (8:16).    

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