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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Tapping into Your Power: How to Use Intuitive Decision-Making to Navigate Life's Challenges with Lynn Robinson

Have you ever felt lost in the maze of life, wanting a compass to guide your path? Join us on a profound journey with Lynn Robinson, intuitive adviser, and acclaimed author, as she reveals the secrets to tapping into your own inner guidance.  Lynn helps you uncover your inner knowing. Learn how to tap into your intuition, amplify it, and nurture it so your inner-GPS navigates correctly, allowing you to manifest the abundance you deserve. “I absolutely think we’re all hardwired with intuition, so all joking aside, I do think we have access to it, and I think it’s a deep inner wisdom, and I think we’ve forgotten how to listen to it.” – Lynn (1:38). Ever feel like something keeps popping up in your life for some reason? Lynn reveals why these intuitive nudges may just be your cue to take action. Uncover the secrets of distinguishing fear from genuine intuitive guidance and learn how the universe conspires in your favor as you trust your gut feelings. Learn from Lynn's expert techniques and personal anecdotes how to interpret the signs from the universe and how recurring intuitive nudges can show you the path forward.  Lynn’s an expert on intuitive thinking with a global following over the last 35 years. She’s the author of 7 books on intuition and her calling is to help people like you develop your intuitive muscles. She reminds us to trust the universe, embrace your power, and take action on the nudges of your intuition. “Intuition might come in an aha moment, a still quiet voice, it might be a whisper.” – Lynn, (2:48).  "It's just kind of putting the energy out towards what it is that you want. But again, you know, when you feel intuitively guided, if they feel uplifting or exciting or you're curious about them, those are the ones that intuition is guiding you towards."   – Lynn, (10:27). Lynn unveils how to discern your emotions with clarity. Learn to harness excitement and curiosity as beacons to your preferred destiny. Listen as Lynn and Lauren discuss the universe's invisible support system and the importance of trusting those internal prompts that incessantly steer you towards growth and success. This episode is a beacon for anyone seeking to rise above the noise, embrace your innate wisdom, and live an aligned life.   "And the caveat I will say is that almost everybody tells me that they get scared trusting their intuition because it usually moves them out of their comfort zone. You know, end a relationship or begin a relationship or end a job or begin a job or do something new. That it always feels a little bit scary. And so that anxiety or that fear is not your intuition saying no. It's just a normal, you know, that's what happens when you're doing, when you do something new." – Lynn, (14:01).  “I realized I had been so focused on what I didn’t want, that thing that I was afraid of, that I hadn’t focused on what I really wanted.” – Lynn, (23:06). Brace yourself for one of the most riveting guests you'll ever encounter as she enlightens you on the nature of intuition, the impact of spiritual guidance, and the beauty of embracing life's journey. Moreover, prepare to transform your mindset and welcome an era of positivity and fulfillment! "When you have that kind of energy or that kind of determination, it's like the universe conspires to support you." – Lynn, (34:10) Get ready to uncover your inner secrets, the courage to ask life's daring questions, and the thrill of trusting your inner guide. It's time to silence the critic within and amplify your intuitive voice to its maximum potential!   In this episode:  (2:15) – How to find joy with intuition. (2:19) – The various ways intuition comes to you. (2:43) – How you can “miss” your intuition and how to know when to listen.  (3:45) – Having “real” nurturing conversations with the universe.  (5:06) – Affirmations that work for you.  (6:49) – How to have the best mindset and what that is for you.  (7:3

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