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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Unveiling the Secrets of Healing and Emotions with Chris Shelton

Struggling with stress, pain, or feeling misaligned? This podcast is for you! Discover the power of Qigong to transform your health and well-being.  In this week's episode, Qigong master Chris Shelton joins Lauren Abrams to reveal: •How to breathe colors for healing and stress relief •The connection between cravings and organ health •How to understand your emotions and prevent chronic pain •Simple practices to align your mind, body, and spirit If you're ready to: •Overcome stress, fatigue, and pain •Improve your sleep, diet, and hydration •Break unhealthy emotional patterns •Tap into your full potential for joy and fulfillment ...then this episode is a must-listen! Key Takeaways: •"If you want to improve your health... Qigong is what you need to do." – Chris (2:56) •"These emotions are good because they are barometers...[but] when we're not expressing appropriately...that shows up as disease" - Chris (12:35) •"The unproductive dry cough is actually grief stuck in the lungs" - Chris (16:07) •"Emotions also cause inflammatory's a leading cause of death." – Chris (16:40) Meet Chris Shelton, a guide to holistic healing and self-discovery. Get ready to transform your life!   In This Episode: •(1:34) – The healing powers of Qigong. •(1:46) – Chris reveals there are two Qigong. •(2:45) – Wonderful benefits you receive from Qigong.  •(3:12) – Different organs hold negative energies that show up in illnesses and conditions.  •(3:46) – Even if you can’t physically do Qigong, you can do it mentally.  •(4:27) – How Qigong cures trauma.  •(4:43) – The space between eyebrows and what that means on your face.  •(5:01) – The differences between counseling and Qigong.  •(6:13) – How Qigong practice heals you.  •(6:31) – The connectivity of all the organs emotionally.  •(6:45) – The importance of the spleen and Chinese medicine. •(8:14) – Sounds and how to heal.. •(12:17) – Your lungs are where grief is felt the most and what color heals. •(12:34) – Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  •(13:22) – It’s not the mattress or the pillow, it’s Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  •(15:12) – Processed foods and the myriad of harms. •(16:28) – What your face reveals about you!  •(17:14) – The different marks on your face and what they mean. •(18:00) – Michael Jackson his nose job and what that reveals.  •(18:58) – The eyebrows and your parents influence.  •(19:28) – Those lines on your face.  •(20:38) – The Anger Lines on the end of the eyebrows and what they mean.  •(21:34) – Botox can’t hide the source of the lines; your emotions tell the truth.  •(23:18) – Julia Roberts’ face.  •(25:03) – Women and perimenopause and Qigong.  •(25:47) – Sleep, hydration, and diet and how that fuels the kidney.  •(26:13) – The concept of Empty Heat in women is discussed.  •(26:45) – Kidney-beneficial foods for women are revealed.  •(27:54) – How different cravings correlate with our organs.  •(29:27) – The line across the tip of the nose and your broken heart.  •(31:41) – What the line between the lips tells about a person.  •(32:01) – Who you can and can’t tell secrets to.  •(33:18) – The conversation with the America Got Talent producer. •(34:52) – Chris discusses his upcoming television show.  •(39:12) – A message of hope.  •(39:22) – The wisdom of the Yellow Emperor.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope • • • • • • •Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard •Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren! About Chris Shelton  Chris Shelton comes from a broken family

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