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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Navigating Burnout: Insights and Strategies with Lisa Buyer

Are you burnt out? Tired? Ready for escape? Tune in to learn how you can stop yearning for someone else’s life, take a break, and reclaim your life! PR and business expert Lisa Buyer shares her journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of creating solitude and balance for personal growth. Learn about digital detox, the power of positive energy, and the pitfalls of multitasking. With insights on journaling, meditation, and the benefits of self-care, this episode offers you practical tools to reclaim happiness and avoid burnout. Join Lisa and Lauren on a path to self-compassion and well-being! “If you’re going to switch gears, pivot, whatever you’re going to call it, you have to really take a step back and pause.” (Lisa), 2:07 “The universe was kind of like telling me I needed to take a step back. – (Lisa), 3:24 Lisa gives you the benefits of surrounding and spending time with the ones who give you joy, why vacations don’t have to be complicated, and the power of using “I am!” “We’re our own creator and a lot of times we get caught up in everything around us is having an impact on our own creation and who we’re going to be.” – (Lisa), 25:23 Don't miss out on this inspiring episode filled with valuable lessons, expert insights, and a refreshing perspective on reclaiming happiness and balance in life. Embrace the journey to self-compassion and joy as Lisa and Lauren guide you through the transformative power of solitude, positive energy, and the essential practices of journaling and mindfulness. In this episode (2:22) – The realizations that come if you pause. (7:37) – The feeling of rejuvenation after you pause. (9:05) – The challenge of emails!  (9:37) – Exploring different pathways in your life. (10:41) – The benefits of practicing yoga. (11:26) – The benefits of Qigong.  (12:08) – The power of Project 369. (13:45) – Walking the talk.  (14:09) – How journaling declutters your mind. (15:59) – Surround yourself with people who bring you joy. (18:13) – The importance of giving yourself space. (20:51) – Carving time for you in between events (even carpool).  (23:42) – The joy that reinvention brings.  (24:48) – Changing your “I will” to “I am.” (26:50) – A positive unanticipated outcome of eliminating alcohol. (31:34) – Why you want to act proactively in your personal branding, especially women.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Lisa Buyer

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