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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Finding Balance in Chaos: Escaping Burnout and Embracing Fulfillment with Joe Fier

Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or stuck in a cycle of burnout? Are you ready to step off the hamster wheel, rediscover joy and fulfillment in your life, and break negative patterns for your personal growth?  Listen as Joe Fier gives you secrets to finding balance, harmony, and true happiness in life’s chaos. Get inspired as Joe shares his fascinating journey of self-discovery and the remarkable lessons he learned. Joe offers strategies to build the kind of life you deserve, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, and how pausing can get you on the right track.  “Find like-minded people that you can speak freely to and with, and also hold you accountable.” – (Joe), 8:06 ”I feel like now I would almost define happiness as that, like knowing I’m putting my best expression and effort out there, and at the same time, I’m taking time for myself to be grounded enough to chill out a little bit.” – (Joe), 4:09 “You have to value your time, and you have to value your energy.” – (Joe), 11:33 “The work, it’s got to start with you, and then from there, I feel like everything else falls into place.” – (Joe), 14:33 If you want to stop wishing for someone else’s life, first uncover your desires, understand your past patterns, and then take intentional actions toward creating the life you truly want.  Joe takes you through the importance of self-reflection, forgiveness, and breaking negative patterns that may hold you back. By addressing unresolved past experiences, practicing self-awareness, and embracing your unique journey, you can begin to align with your personal desires and find true happiness. It’s never too late to start living your life authentically. “Things open up once you realize what you have been neglecting.” – (Joe), 18:14 ”I’m very clear that there’s a time thing, you know. You can value your time, and you can value your energy. And, there’s a type of energy you’re putting out into the world, and if it’s not good energy, . . . , it’s probably not gonna be received well by anyone around you.”  – (Joe), 11:03 “When you step away from things, that’s when things can come together, and the right things attach.” – (Joe), 34:41 In this episode (3:08) – How your actions affect your happiness, and happiness is a choice. (3:37) – You don’t always have to be happy; sometimes neutral works best for you.  (4:33) – Feeling burnt out, the negative mindset and anger ensue. (8:21) – The Wim Holf Breathwork method (11:37) – The energy you put out into the world matters.  (13:05) – The 80/20 rule.  (13:44) – Auditing your time and energy.  (14:04) – The ten core daily habits.  (15:43) – From a workaholic to finding balance.  (18:06) – Advice for someone who needs to make a shift. (19:25) – The self-authoring program by Jordan Peterson.  (19:44) – Unless you work through past patterns, they’ll keep repeating.  (20:55) – The importance of forgiving yourself.  (22:44) - Why physical connection matters.  (23:26) – The bravery to tell others you’re lonely.  (24:35) – Life becomes easier when you take control.  (25:31) – The ripple effect of curating the right people.  (27:09) – Building a community is more than sending out invitations.  (32:47) – You’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.  (33:15) – The power of being present where you are at.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren! Joe Fier

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