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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Embracing Life's Gifts: Finding Fulfillment Through Challenges with Mike Prince

Feeling depleted or overwhelmed? Imagine endless energy and knowing how to elevate your daily routine, invigorate your mental health, and truly connect with your highest authentic truth. Meet thought leader, Mike Prince.  Mike Prince, a beacon of resilience who turned his Lyme disease ordeal into life's greatest gift. In this transformative episode, discover how a dire diagnosis led Mike on a global quest for healing, culminating in an encounter with a Shaman and the powerful Kambo medicine. Mike opens up with Lauren about the profound lessons learned from his journey and helps you foster authentic connections and personal growth. "I knew after that that there was nobody else who could heal me but me, and everything was up to me now. Not in a heavy way, but in a beautiful way of, okay, Mike." - Mike (10:21) Empowerment and Self-Discovery: "This isn't just for me. Like I have to bring this to every single human that I can and help them realize that they don't have to go through this crazy breakdown like I went through to realize how truly limitless we can be, and how beautiful and amazing life can be, and how connected we can be to our spouses, our kids, our environment, our food, like, everything." — Mike (10:34) Throughout his journey, Mike gained profound insights, incorporating practices such as breath work and red light therapy into his daily routine. He emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and nurturing personal growth. During the conversation, Mike shares how his battle with Lyme disease became a catalyst for personal growth and led to the creation of "extremely conscious," a collective dedicated to men's spiritual development through the Evolving Man program. "You have to start with getting better sleep. You have to start with drinking more water in the day. You have to start with exercising, moving the body, moving the energy." - Mike (31:31) Hear actionable insights on how to elevate your daily routine, invigorate your mental health, and truly connect with your highest authentic truth. Patience and self-love are not merely feel-good terms; they are the stepping stones towards your personal evolution. Mike emphasizes why embracing these virtues is crucial in overcoming life's hurdles and how they empower you to make those small, pivotal steps toward your transformation.  “And this society we live in is, it's a long journey, and it takes time, and you have to have patience, and you have to love yourself, like, more than anything because, again, people will shame themselves. Why can't I figure it out? And that's just gonna block you more. You have to love every part of yourself for wherever it is you're at and know that where you're at is perfectly timed. Everybody's exactly where they're supposed to be at this moment." - Mike (32:24)   In this episode:   (04:10) Health problems and meeting with a Shaman (09:29) How breathwork leads to personal healing (12:22) Deep conversations and connections and how you can find them (16:23) Creating your inner circle for reflection. (17:53) Embracing openness and belief for manifestation. (20:45) Breathwork’s promises. (29:04) Setting boundaries for work-life balance and how to do it. (32:09) Overcoming resistance. (34:46) Embracing your open mind.   Resources and Links Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard   About Mike Prince Mike Prince's life has been an odyssey of resilience and transformation. Once held captive by the grips of Lyme disease, Mike has journeyed through treacherous terrains of suffering, with the illness steering him into profound darkness. It's a condition that officially still lingers in his body, but has lost its power over his

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