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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Growing Your Self-Awareness: Secrets to Making the Right Decisions For You

Do you want to know the secret to making the best decisions? Are you sometimes scared to trust your inner knowing? Are you ready to find out when to act on your decision?  Join Lauren as she gives you powerful tips on how to make decisions and move your life forward. Learn powerful methods to help you create and act on the right decisions! “Answers emerge in the pause, taking that breath, putting your hand on your heart. And breathe.” – (Lauren) 5:24. In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of pausing, listening to your inner self, and ignoring the outside voices. Lauren offers simple tools helping you make the best decisions for you and, more importantly, how to act on them once they’ve been made. The answers lie within, and fear often keeps you from finding them. You have to name them to claim them; when you do, they’ll magically disappear! “I also never discuss a situation or make a decision without sleeping on it.” (Lauren), 6:38. Overcoming Fear: "Is fear stopping you from making a decision? Is there some kind of fear? [...] Because if fear keeps you from taking action, Then name it because you name it to claim it. And naming and claiming the fear takes the power away."  – (Lauren), 10:27. Listen and learn why you should never make an important decision without first sleeping on it, why hand journaling works best, and why staying aligned with what you feel is right for you is a must! Don’t skip this chance to gain practical tools to help you become a strong decision-maker and begin living a richer, more fulfilled life! It’ll only take a few minutes, but those few minutes will be some of the most powerful you’ve ever experienced, and you’re sure to revisit these tools again and again! “If it’s hysterical, it’s historical; Look for some underlying root causes . . . ” – (Lauren), 7:42. “Silence and presence, that’s how you access your clarity and openness.” (Lauren), 9:30. "If it's coming from a place of love and service, and it fills you with joy, and when you think about doing it, it just feels right, That's the right answer for you. That is the easiest way to come to the right decision.”  – (Lauren), 13:45. “Don’t just sit on it; take action.” – (Lauren), 16:30.   In This Episode:  (3:03) – Trusting your inner knowing.  (4:44) – Asking the universe for a sign. (5:25) – The power of the pause and how answers emerge in that space.  (6:03) – The best answers emerge from within.  (6:51) – Never make a decision without sleeping on it.  (7:08) – Walking in nature without any devices is a way to pause and listen. When you do, answers emerge.  (7:50) – Pay close attention to situations that prompt strong reactions.  (7:57) – The value of journaling (by hand!).  (9:50) – The quiet moments that can be found in breathing-in, and breathing-out.  (10:40) – Striving to make life simple, especially regarding decision-making. (11:08) – The one question you should ask regarding what stops you from making a decision.  (11:22) – Naming and claiming your fear takes its power away.  (12:07) – Closing your eyes, feel, and find your fear.  (12:35) – The importance of breathing into your fear.  (13:14) – Taking action even if you’re afraid.  (14:09) – Instead of going to the wrong person, do a gut check. (14:33) – Do what it is that fills you with joy.  (14:43) – Does the decision come from a place of service or selfishness? (15:01) – Regardless of where it comes from, if it feels right, there is your answer.  (15:25) – The Erma Bombeck List.  (16:09) – The importance of staying aligned with what’s right for you.  (16:14) – Why hand writing journaling is the preferred method.  (16:35) – The Five Second Rule.  (16:56) – If it’s right for you, it will work for you, even if you make a mistake.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope https://www.52weeksofhop

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