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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

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The Power of Intuition: Exploring Quantum Insights with Kim Chestney

Do you sometimes know who will call, and then they do? Sometimes you “sense” what’s going to happen? Imagine using your intuitive gifts whenever you want for your highest good. Listen and learn how to ditch your external conditioning and tap into your intuitive knowing. Throw away those old ideas and use your magic and power within. “What our intuition does is that it teaches us to follow ourselves, that inner wisdom, that inner light, and instead of going out there following the world, copying other people, taking other people’s path. ” You get to lead your own. – Kim, (5:02). Listen as bestselling author, inspirational leader, and intuitive advocate Kim Chestney helps you trust your gut feelings and discover how to leverage your innate quantum intelligence. Whether you're a seasoned intuitive or just curious about your internal compass, this episode will illuminate your path. “Our true guru is within us.” – Kim, (6:25). Hear about the astonishing interplay of synchronicity and signs in our lives, referencing Dr. Ervin Laszlo's work, which bridges intuition with contemporary science. “All of that information is stored and is stored in this field around us called the nonlocal field, the unified field, the intuition field, the quantum field. There's so many different words for it, but it's basically this field of information and wisdom that our intuition has access to and every single person is hardwired into it, because we're part of it. So, it really is this beautiful connective energy that we can all tap into to, to better understand ourselves and to understand this magical universe that we live in." — Kim, (18:22)    Whether you're at a crossroads in life or seeking to enrich your daily experiences, Kim's insights provide transformative guidance. Learn how to spot and interpret the guideposts the universe sends your way, leading you toward synchronicity towards your destiny. “When we’re really busy and going, we can’t hear our intuition.” – Kim, (13:22). Hear practical tips on slowing down, creating space, and actively listening so you can recognize and act upon those intuitive nudges. "Intuition is not just spiritual; it's practical—it's the holy grail of creativity and innovation." – Kim, (12:15). Did you know Einstein and Steve Jobs heralded intuition as their secret sauce? It's time to unlock your inner Einstein with quantum intelligence. In this empowering episode, dive deep into the magic residing within you—the power of your intuition!   Inside this episode: (2:20) – Radical Intuition and The Illumination Code.  (3:30) – How you go from the tech industry to an intuition maven.  (3:48) – Helping techies through intuition and creativity.  (4:13) – How to navigate a journey.  (4:50) – The importance of intuition in your business.  (5:02) – How intuition impacts your life.  (6:25) – How intuition works.  (6:30) – Intuition is your best teacher.  (6:47) – Everyone looks for their “why.”  (7:10) – How intuition guides your life.  (8:01) – The impact of Dr. Irwin Laszlo. (8:42) – The Quantum Revolution.  (9:51) – The concept of entanglement.  (10:24) – Intuition works beyond distances.  (12:43) – You know it’s just about paying attention when you get a nudge.  (13:07) – How you know what you are here to do.  (13:35) – Creating space helps you hear your intuition.  (14:40) – Learning to trust yourself.  (16:43) – Use your intuition as you’re called to use it.  (17:38) – All about Akashic Records.  (18:40) – The universe is one large, connected data warehouse.  (19:58) – How to access the Akashic Records.  (20:48) – How to unlock your entire mind.  (21:23) – Getting out of your comfort zone to help you grow. (22:13) – Following your intuition as a form of manifestation.  (22:53) – The lesson of intuition and what you get to learn.  (25:50) – How to hear messages from those who have passed away. 

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