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Manifesting Your Money and Attracting Wealth with Morgana Rae

Ever wonder why money flows effortlessly to some people and not others? Are you ready to reimagine your relationship with money?  Listen as money and magic manifester extraordinaire Morgana Rae reveals how you can attract wealth by looking at your relationship with money in the same way you look at your other relationships.  “If your money was a person, who would your money be?” – (12:50), Morgana  If you’re having a hard time loving your money or making your money fall in love with you, this is the episode that you’ve been waiting for. You get to learn new steps to manifest money and get rid of your limiting beliefs around wealth and finances and building a lasting relationship with money. Once Morgana figured out the trick, she applied it to other areas and now teaches you as she has 1000’s of others, how to get rid of what’s blocking you from making and keeping money (sounds just like other relationships, right?).  You can also manifest your soulmate after listening to this episode! Actually, Morgana did manifest the love of her life once she discovered the secret formula that she revealed in this episode.  “All that matters is the two people getting married and our vows because the prize is not the wedding. The prize is the relationship.” (37:02), Morgana  “If you want to see real-world physical results, you’ll want to take real-world physical actions.” – (41:54), Morgana  In this episode: (4:02) – How you can stop wasting time on wrong relationships! (9:43) – Once you start hating the universe, the universe responds.  (10:00) – How you can make things change for you.  (10:50) – Money as your area of spiritual growth.  (13:41) – The importance of reprogramming your mind relating to money. (15:39) – Pressure techniques when it comes to business adn why they do not work.  (19:44) – The root cause as your starting point.  (21:05) – Every money issue is a love issue.  (21:14) – Turning money into a person.  (23:47) – When you feel like money is calling your shots. (24:16) – Once you rid yourself of the monstrous image of money. (25:02) – The Money Honey.  (27:00) – How to take action showing you’re committed to change.  (29:34) –The Love Monster.  (37:55) – Practicing gratitude. (38:49) – Challenge your money beliefs. (41:07) – The potential dangers of your affirmations. (47:40) – Why remaining true to yourself is the most important piece.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Go to and get up to 50% off your subscription for the next 10 days with my code HOPELAUREN. Morgana Rae

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