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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Overcoming the Overwhelm

Do you ever feel like escaping? Do you wish for relief? A mental health break? That’s how you know you’re in the overwhelm. Listen and learn easy tools for recovering from those days and moments. Feel instant relief and rejuvenation after using these soothing, easy techniques. Join Lauren today as she offers you insights into overcoming the overwhelm. Hear powerful tips that are simple to apply and incredible life enhancers. Learn about the powerful impact of instant self-compassion techniques, such as placing your hand on your heart, providing you grace and calm in moments of overwhelm. “When you’re in the overwhelm, you don’t need another master class; the thing to do is to stop.”-  (Lauren), 4:00 ”And where are your feet right now? When you’re in the overwhelm, to stay right now in the present moment; it really helps.” - (Lauren), 6:18 In this episode, Lauren shares valuable insights and practical tips to help you overcome overwhelming situations and still embrace life. Discover how you can recognize the signs of overwhelm and how you can break free from it. Lauren guides you in techniques like deep breathing, taking moments to pause, and task delegation to make your life more fulfilling. ”It’s amazing what just a few deep breaths can do.” – (Lauren), 4:39 Listen in to learn the importance of taking time for yourself, walking through fears to boost self-esteem, and how reaching out to others can enhance your own well-being. You get to experience the shift in your ability to navigate life’s challenges and reclaim your joy. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how simple life hacks can transform your state from overwhelmed to total relief. “When you want to take a vacation from your life, it’s okay.” (Lauren), 6:52 “Don’t surround yourself with people who are going to just be bringing you down.” (Lauren), 11:24 ”Give yourself the grace you need just to take a few days if that’s what you need, or just take a look at what’s going on and see how much of it’s real, and see if you’re aligned with what in who you really want to be and what you want to be doing.” - (Lauren), 14:08 In this episode: (4:16) – How to slow down in the overwhelm.  (4:40) – What gets you through the overwhelm.  (5:12) – The value of recharging.  (6:01) – The importance of taking a deep breath.  (6:12) – Breathing exercises you can do that are soothing.  (6:36) – The three most important things for your day.  (7:11) – Getting the things you dread most done, gives you esteem.  (7:30) – Taking a couple of days off and the benefits. (7:44) – Reviewing your life and is it aligned?  (8:18) – Some overwhelming thoughts aren’t real; Writing them out. (9:13) – Best tips to get through those overwhelming times. (9:54) – What’s good for your mental health?  (10:21) – How to delegate what you can.  (10:27) – Stop being a control freak! (10:48) – The value of deep breathing and the soothing impact.  (11:24) – Surround yourself with people who encourage, support, and bring you value. (12:22) – Surrender to win.  (13:24) – Do the things that light you up.  (15:00) – Pause in the overwhelm, name it to claim it, breathe, and other tools. (16:55) – Why checking on someone else, helps you.  Resources and Links 52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Get your FREE checklist - 10 Best Ways to Find Your Joy!

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