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Magnetic Confidence: The Power of Authentic Connections in Dating and Life with Kimmy Seltzer

Have you ever wondered if there’s a “secret sauce” to confidence? If there’s something you can do to be more confident now? Well, there is! Listen as confidence guru Kimmy Seltzer gets you out of your head and into your body.  Kimmy guides you in this episode to increase your style, emotional, and social intelligence, attract the right people, and show up as your most authentically confident self! You don't want to miss Kimmy’s Charisma Quotient formula, and her take on body language, vulnerability, and building authentic connections. "I call it the dating costume. Everybody needs to get a good dating costume because it really will make a difference in how you enter the room, but also how you feel inside." - (Kimmy), 10:00 Tune in as Kimmy speaks about how the clothes you wear communicate multiple messages to those around you. Learn how Kimmy changed her life simply by trying on a red dress. “You can be the best person in the world, but if you’re not marketing yourself, then love will pass you by.” (Kimmy), 14:38 Listen as we go deep into the concept of body language and how your body speaks louder than your face, the Three Second Rule, and the role of hair in the flirting process!  Get ready to feel empowered and ready to conquer the world (or at least your life) after listening to this episode! “The only way to get over a fear is to lean into the discomfort. No one changes in a state of comfort.” (Kimmy), 33:29 In this episode: (2:36) – The Red Dress Moment.  (3:55) – How your clothes reflect your life. (8:23) – How you market yourself. (9:30) – Understanding ‘Enclosed Cognition’.  (10:02) – Why you need a good dating costume. (11:48) – Confidence skills you need. (14:16) – Your body speaks louder than your face.  (14:30) – The concept of flirting.  (17:03) – Good body language takes time and effort. (18:25) – Why high achievers often fail at these techniques.  (19:13) – The role of hair in flirting.  (20:45) – The Three Second Rule and how to apply it.  (22:02) – Women have to give the signals to draw men to them. (25:36) – Dating advice for high achievers. (29:10) – The ups and downs of dating. (34:03) – Taking action isn’t easy, but here’s why you need to do it.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Kimmy Seltzer

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