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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Living Authentically: Embrace Your True Self and Find Genuine Connections with Others

Are you tired of feeling like you're on autopilot, just going through the motions? It's time to rediscover your spark and awaken to the life you’re meant to live. In this episode, you'll learn how to: Shed societal expectations and embrace your individuality. Overcome self-doubt and tap into your inner power. Break free from people-pleasing and prioritize your own needs. Find quiet moments for self-reflection and hear your inner voice. Take daily actions toward fulfilling your true purpose. If you're ready to ditch the worry of what others think and reveal your authentic self, this episode is your guide. Embrace the balanced life of joy and purpose that awaits you! Key Takeaways: "When you aren't your authentic self, you deprive yourself and the world of your true gifts." - Lauren "Authenticity is the key to deeper connections." - Lauren "You'll find answers when you allow yourself moments of stillness." -Lauren Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your authentic self and design the life you've always wanted!   In this episode: (1:00) – The cost of keeping the real you stuck.  (1:06) – Why authenticity matters.  (1:30) – Living a life of duality. (3:01) – It’s okay to reveal your secrets and why.  (3:30) – The exhaustion of duality  (4:14) – The people you don’t want around you.  (5:15) – Limiting beliefs that prevent authenticity.  (6:03) – The signs you are losing connection with your true self.  (7:00) – Who brings you joy? (7:53) – Stress is a sign of this. (8:44) – Do this when you have a good idea.  (9:17) – The value of mindfulness meditation.  (10:01) – The things to notice as you reconnect with yourself.  (10:27) – Being careful about what you say yes and no to.  (11:23) – Your limiting beliefs and how they impact your life.  (12:02) – Limiting beliefs that are rooted in fear.  (12:39) – Ways to work yourself out of the “can’t do” mindset.  (14:00) – Getting rid of your limiting beliefs (getting them out of your body).  (14:27) – Ask this question to get to your authentic self.  (15:49) – Being authentic helps you vibrate at your highest frequency.    Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard

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