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Raising Strong Girls: Healing Your Triggers and Positive Role Modeling with Chelsey Goodan

Tired of battling your inner critic? Are you ready to heal your emotional triggers and be a stronger role model for the young women in your life? Join Chelsey Goodan, author of Underestimated, as she shares her refreshing approach to empowering teenage girls with host Lauren Abrams. “I love teenage girls because they can just like cut through the truth so fast.” – Chelsey, (2:34) Discover how to transform negative self-talk into kindness and empowerment. Chelsey's mentoring approach helps teenage girls tap into their inner power and navigate life's challenges. In this enlightening episode, learn about the importance of connecting with teenage girls, holding space for their emotions, and the transformative power of self-awareness. “Often when we try to teach a teenage girl something, she receives it as criticism and judgment.” – Chelsey, (3:50) Gain insights into teenage life, including the pressures of sexuality, fashion, and people-pleasing. Chelsey shares practical strategies for effective communication and empowering yourself and the teenage girls in your life.  “Any ounce or judgment it feels, it hits as shame, and it has lasting ramifications, and we do need to be incredibly mindful about how we talk with girls about how they start exploring sexuality.” – Chelsey, (13:32). Get ready for an inspiring conversation that will leave you empowered and equipped to support the teenage girls in your life. “Let yourself be weird and embrace that.” Chelsey, (24:44)    In this episode:  (1:59) – How Chelsey’s book helps you.  (2:37) – All about teenage girls and honesty.  (2:41) – The secret of connecting with teenage girls.  (2:45) Being radically honest with teenage girls and connecting.  (3:21) – How to not react when triggered.  (4:15) – How to connect with teenage girls.  (4:34) – Stereotyping of teenage girls.  (4:44) – Negative effects of stereotyping of teenage girls. (5:00) – Holding space for teen girls’ feelings. (5:21) – The power of listening to teenage girls.  (5:47) – How to empower teenage girls.  (6:33) – Giving solutions to teenage girls vs this alternative.  (7:11) – Adults and suppressing feelings.  (7:51) – Power of naming your feelings.  (9:39) – People pleasing.  (10:18) – Teenage girls and putting others' needs before theirs.  (10:40) – The pressure on girls to be perfect and likeable.  (12:48) – Teenage girls and the exploration of their sexuality.  (13:26) – Teenage girls and their relationship with clothes and sexuality.  (14:10) – Women, gender-based violence, and the role men play in stopping it.  (16:31) – How to phrase things to teen girls.  (17:13) – Affirming teenage girls.  (18:12) – A book journey.  (18:20) – The writing process.  (19:20) – The power of being you in writing. (20:10) – Overcoming obstacles.  (20:47) – Self-exploration journeys.  (21:28) – Sexual pain.  (22:44) – Volunteering and mentoring work.    Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard   About Chelsey Goodan Chelsey Goodan creates psychological safety for everyone from teenage girls to CEOs. As a keynote speaker, Chelsey teaches communication strategies that make everyone feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and celebrated. With entertaining ease, Chelsey shares unexpected tools she learned from teenage girls that directly translate to the workplace. Chelsey customizes her talks for parents, students, and corporate audiences, while also giving speeches to high-profile nonprofits, supporting causes that promote gender justice. Her expertise is sought after by highly influential families, and she also

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