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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Overcoming Fear: How to Break Free and Empower Yourself to Achieve Greatness (or at least date, write your book, start a podcast … ) with Stacey Lauren

Are you tired and feeling blah? Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel and manifest the life you dream about? Are you stuck or unsure about taking that leap of faith? Imagine feeling empowered to go after what you've been only wishing for! Listen and learn the simple formula for your transformation and personal growth right now.  Community Builder and Entrepreneur Stacey Lauren unveils her transformative "Do the Thing" philosophy that  helps you break barriers and embrace your dreams.  Whether you’re looking to write a book, find your soulmate, start a podcast, pursue your dream career, Stacey's insights offer you a practical roadmap to get you there! “So many times we're stuck doing the same thing and it's like, just bring something new in your life and literally in one minute you can change your entire energy, your mood, and your experience just by doing something new. Your whole life changes in an instant.” - Stacey (07:57) Discover the power of small, actionable steps and how to pivot with purpose. Learn the formula – an innovative approach that’s easy to follow and understandable. Mastering your mindset, setting achievable goals, and building accountability that transforms your life. “It's ridiculous how amazing it is because you're really able to feel into this new persona that you want to be. You don't need to be this comfortable safety zone person. You can be a daredoer and say, ‘I'm game’.” - Stacey (12:37) “Once you've learned something, even if you're only one week or two weeks in, figure out who you could teach it to, because when you can teach it, you're getting that fulfillment and that contribution back and it reintegrates the learning.” - Stacey (17:23) Embrace the unknown with Stacey's strategies for taking action, overcoming fear, and building a supportive community that thrives on shared successes. Tune in now and embark on your  journey of your dreams and empowerment.    In This Episode: (01:56) - All great things in life can sometimes happen by accident (06:34) - The dating dare challenge and the formula (07:57) - How doing something new in your life can change your energy (08:55) - The secret to dating that you need to know! (10:19) - The importance of having a community and being surrounded by like-minded people (12:21) - You can be a daredoer! (13:23) - The ‘I’M GAME’ formula that will transform your life (15:45) - The difference between ‘my people’ and ‘like-minded people’ (17:23) - How educating others can give you fulfillment and reintegrate learning (18:38) - Asking for help is the best way to get started! (20:14) - Game-changing strategy to overcome your fears and self-doubt (24:15) - Start taking that small step towards your goals! (27:54) - Tap into your unique voice and have that belief that you can do it! (30:19) - It’s okay to be with the unknown Resources and Links 52 Weeks of Hope Stacey Lauren

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