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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Unlock Your Intuition, Embrace Your Journey, and Manifest Your Dreams with Kelsey Aida

Are you ready for a shift and to access the universe’s limitless energy? To achieve what you know you're called here to be? It’s time to ditch the self-doubt, step off the hamster wheel, and ignite your inner power. Join Lauren Abrams as she speaks with Kelsey Aida, coach, self-love, and meditation expert. Kelsey bravely shares her journey of overcoming depression and embracing her intuition - and then guides you to do the same.   "And I was just going through a lot of grieving and somehow, like, processing all those really heavy emotions just shed so much energetic density from my body that I opened myself up to all these psychic and intuitive gifts that I had no idea that I had."    – Kelsey, (2:17). “I basically just made an ultimatum with the universe, and I was like, God, universe, whoever is out there, what’s a girl gotta do to get help?” – Kelsey, (4:09).   Reignite your passions as Kelsey teaches powerful self-compassion techniques, providing a unique perspective on manifesting for your highest good.   "So every emotion, no matter how icky or heavy it feels, has a positive message for you. But you can only access that if you're willing to go there, which is uncomfortable." –  Kelsey, (16:00).   Get inspired as Kelsey shares her approach to mindfulness, gratitude, and finding the courage to pursue your dreams.    “If I can get myself out of a suicidal state, then anything is possible with this information, and it needs to be more accessible.” – Kelsey, (5:34).   With Kelsey's refreshing insights and empowering vision, you're in for an episode that will leave you feeling reinvigorated, hopeful, and ready to embrace your best self.   "So, yeah, those were the two biggest moments that shaped me into the teacher, writer, and author that I am. And it shows that, like, your best manifestations always start in contrast. Because when you're experiencing that thing that's so uncomfortable that you hate, it's giving you so much clarity, and it's shaping you into the person who can have the thing that you're asking for. There's beauty in it even though it definitely sucks when you're going through it." – Kelsey, - (13:05).    “The best place to start is “I am” affirmations. I think those are very powerful and simple.” – Kelsey, - (7:04).   Get dialed in, focused, and ready to listen to Kelsey and her incredibly inspiring journey as she gives you simple yet powerful tools to set you on a path toward renewed success and happiness!   "Not in the same way where you go to therapy and they try to fix you or diagnose you or make you feel better, but it was more just like, okay, we're just gonna be curious about this feeling. We're gonna let it happen in the body. We're gonna observe it just from the compassionate witness standpoint. We're not gonna get lost in it. We're just gonna watch it happen in the body and see what comes from that." – Kelsey, (14:50). “Your best manifestations always start in the contrast.”  - Kelsey, (13:14).   In this episode: (1:52) – Battling with depression. (2:07) – Walking through the dark night of the soul gets you rewards. (2:16) – The dark night of the soul. (2:24) – The dark night of the soul and its effects on the body.  (2:31) – How the dark night of the soul opens you up to your gifts.  (3:14) – Navigating dark times and having functional depression.  (4:24) – The quality of life.  (4:36) – Finding a good therapist and a good shaman.  (5:24) – Lifestyle changes, not medication, and healing.  (5:33) – Sharing a wellness journey.  (6:02) – Builing a following through blogging.  (6:20) – Affirmations and how you evolve through them.  (7:00) - The most important affirmations you can make.  (7:27) – The energetic harm of faking it until you make it.  (7:33) – Affirmation shifting.  (7:49) – Remaining true to where you are, but also being mindful of where you want to go.  (7:52) – The work of affirmatio

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