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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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From Burnout to Bliss: How Type-A Moms Can Find Joy and Presence Again with Rachael O’Meara

Are you always busy? Working nonstop? Are you sick of your to-do list?  Are you ready to find happiness and fulfillment in unconventional paths? You are going to love hearing Rachel O'Meara teach you strategies for overcoming burnout and reconnecting with yourself. “I think we are all parents to ourselves, and I think we all have to mother ourselves and in our lives as we show up in service to our doing.” - (3:57), Rachael In this episode, executive leadership coach, author, and TEDx speaker Rachael O’Meara gives you tools and insights into how your life can change once you harness the power of deliberate pauses for personal growth. Listen as Rachael gives you the courage to move to the next phase of living that can be found when you take a deep breath, sit back … and pause. This is an effective self-care practice for you overachieving Type A moms. “You don’t have to suffer, and you don’t need to go through the excruciating moments of victimhood.” – (15:21), Lauren “If you can’t find the little things … your job is to pause and find them.” – (32:14), Rachael You get to learn how to keep building emotional intelligence for resilience and success in this episode. It’s through overcoming your inner critic that you unleash your emotional intelligence for lasting happiness.  The Importance of Emotional Intelligence: "We have to train and teach ourselves how to want and to feel our aliveness that drives our wants and needs."  – (34:26), Rachael In this episode: (4:40) – How to check in with yourself.  (5:07) – What to do when everything looks good on the outside. (6:55) – Feeling like a failure.  (7:36) – Discovering the power of the pause.  (7:57) – How meditation and breathwork make a difference. (8:28) – The value of re-filling your tank in order to serve others.  (9:30) – One of the biggest and best questions you can ask yourself.  (13:20) – How answers emerge for you. (14:42) – You don’t have to live in a box.  (15:44) – Staying busy can be a badge, but a dangerous one.  (16:44) – The lesson of valuing your path.  (17:31) – Understanding what the pause looks like for you.  (18:35) – Fear and how to name it.  (23:20) – Pausing as an intentional act.  (26:00) – Emotional intelligence is the gateway. (27:46) – Being lonely at the top.  (29:22) – Asking for help.  (31:22) – The law of little things.  (33:36) – Wishing is not acting What to do instead.  (34:41) – Teaching yourself what your wants are.  Resources and Links  52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Rachael O’Meara Free GIFT link: Rachael's 5-minute Breathwork Booster pause for high-achieving women to reclaim their life. Learn more about Rachael O'Meara, including her books, Pausecast podcast, and coaching here:

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