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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Breathe, Manifest, and Stop Overwhelm: Journey to Break Free and Live Your Life Your Way

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the endless cycle of responsibilities? Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing is what you were put here to do? In this empowering episode, host Lauren Abrams shares practical tools on how to stop the overwhelm, take a breath, and manifest your dreams. Learn how to make time for self-care, unleash your inner joy, and embrace the power of community. Discover the key to finding clarity, accessing your inner wisdom, and taking inspired action toward a life that lights you up.  Hear this transformative journey and step into the life you dream of. Listen now and start manifesting your dreams today! “I know what’s right for me and what fills me up, and how much downtime I need.” (Lauren), 5:40 Lauren opens up with practical tips, including breathing methods, manifestation tools, and how writing down the three most important things to do daily is a game-changer! You’re here to make a difference, and don’t have to wait any longer to align your purpose. “You will feel better 100% of the time if you are in service to others in some way.” (Lauren), 6:45 Tune in as Lauren discusses the power of community, the importance of loving yourself, and the magic that happens when you shift your mindset. Take a break from the chaos and find that joy again. “We all go through things in our life, and nobody is paying that much attention.” (Lauren), 8:44"As long as you put 15 minutes towards those, you're working towards your goals and your dreams and the things that you really wanna do, and you’re clear on them, and step out of your comfort zone and take action towards that . . . the universe rises to meet you. It just does." (Lauren), 13:58 In this episode (1:10) – Saying yes even when your head says no. (5:12) – Writing out how you want next week, month (or year) to look. (6:25) – Community, love, and service matter and fill you with joy. (6:55) – Manifesting your dreams and becoming clear on what they are. (7:11) – The things you hide from others! (8:55) – Surrounding yourself with white light. (9:28) – These are your truths. (10:18) – Why pausing matters.  (10:45) – The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.  (11:09) – Money is not an obstacle; it always comes so long as you do this.  (11:52) – The three most important things for you to do daily.  (12:37) – The power of your breath. (13:39) – Understanding delegating instead of doing it all.  (13:51) – Get things done, breathe, and then your manifestation work.  (14:07) – Getting clarity and why it matters.  (14:26) – The universe is waiting for you.  (14:51) – C.A.R.I.N.G. – The powerful acronym. (15:56) – If God gave you a dream, there’s a reason for it.  (16:29) – You can stop your overwhelm! Resources and Links 52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard

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