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Manifesting Joy : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Discovering the Magic of Your Purpose with Anjua Maximo

Listen and learn about the power of conquering your limiting beliefs and shutting down your inner critic. Uncover your purpose's magic and learn how to bring your vision to life right now. Discover how to rewire your brain to move right past life's obstacles. “I learned to dim my light very early because of my interaction with women. Okay. Yeah, you know, you come in the room and you just learn to actually. Pull it back.” - Anjua (11:16) Anjua learned how to stop dimming her light and people-pleasing and helps you listen to your heart to understand feelings and emotions better. Be sure to listen to the entire episode till the end. “I often ask my clients, how is your heart today? And don't just tell me, fine. How does it feel? Well, it feels expensive, or it feels constricted. It feels tight or it feels jittery. These things help you understand feelings, emotions.” – Anjua (25:09) Anjua talks about how she successfully taps into her intuitive abilities that make her successful in life and how you can do the same. She encourages you to change even when you’re afraid to take that leap and helps you with simple suggestions.  Anjua gives you her message of hope giving you a confidence boost and some clarity: “I'm going to say nature is my message of hope, because nature, when we go out into it, when we allow ourselves to actually be present in it, when we can take the time to really observe the beauty around us, I personally feel it's what helps ground me in the reality of the situation because there's  a much bigger, more beautiful world out there – Anjua (29:42) In This Episode: (02:08) – How to live your truth. (03:34) – How Anjua learned to start speaking her truth. (07:32) – Anjua’s foray into coaching. (09:31) – Dealing with limiting beliefs. (12:03) – How to not dim your light. (13:22) – Moving around the country. (16:16) – How to stop your inner critic. (20:51) – How to avoid the shiny object syndrome. (23:51) – Tapping into your intuitive abilities.  (26:30) – Advice if you are afraid to take the leap. (29:36) – A message of hope from Anjua. Resources & Links 52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Anjua Maximo

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