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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself: Embracing Your Inner Confidence with Madi Maple

Are you ready to break free from self-doubt and an ordinary life? Do you know you’re meant for something bigger, but your head and limiting beliefs keep getting in the way?. Listen and learn how to ditch that inner critic and stop playing small. Quit people pleasing and learn how to be true to who you know you’re meant to be. “When it comes to confidence and who you are, you can’t love yourself if you’re not being yourself.” – Madi (4:22) Listen as renowned Confidence Coach Madi Maple helps you begin living in a world where limiting beliefs no longer rule. Her inspiring journey and philosophy on affirmations and how to use evidence to drive them is nothing short of amazing! She’s here to share powerful insights that will free your mind and allow you to embrace and unleash the confident person that dwells within. “Confidence was not even in my vocabulary.” – Madi (5:04) If you’ve been wondering why the life you’ve been speaking into existence has yet to manifest, Madi is here to help you find that missing piece. Listen as she offers a simple, yet powerful approach that will move you into living the life you’ve always desired! “When you have enough evidence to support the new belief, that new belief will outweigh the past belief.” – Madi (18:16)   In This Episode: (4:00) – What appeared to be a rebellion was just Madi’s way of expressing herself.  (5:18) – Why pivoting matters. (9:52) – Healing as part of your journey. (10:57) – The keys to finding your best self.  (13:44) – The four different pillars of confidence (14:46) – The Belief Work Process (14:53) – All beliefs are fake and are nothing more than your perceptions. (15:10) – Everything, even the facts, are completely neutral.  (15:23) – Taking your power back from beliefs. (15:54) – Evidence is the missing piece to affirmations.  (16:44) – Write your affirmations, but also write evidence that supports them.  (17:34) – Be sure to make time to shift your filter. (20:52) – You can still go after your dreams with self-doubt. (21:20) – Confidence is a choice. (26:36) – The definition of authenticity varies from person to person.  (29:00) – Being yourself isn’t hard, it’s the places we go that make it hard. (33:05) – Truly believing that things can change makes all the difference.   Resources and Links 52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren! Go to and get up to 50% off your subscription for the next 10 days with my code HOPELAUREN.   Madi Maple

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