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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Stepping Into Your True Potential and Overcoming Limitations with Meredyth Willits

Do you pay attention to your inner voice?  Do you know how to listen to that intuitive thought and what it means? Is it holding you back from becoming the incredible person you are meant to be?  Listen as Meredyth Willits helps you interpret your inner voice and shows you how to use it to unlock doors and step into the energy of creating your best life.  “Eventually our bodies become affected by those negative, trapped emotions.” – Meredyth (4:55) You can’t hold that stuff in; it’s so bad for you. But sometimes you don’t know what’s holding you back. As Meredyth explains, the universe will show you: “I would say that there’s literally nothing that’s holding you back but the belief that whatever you’re experiencing right now is all that there is. That you’re stuck. Because when I stood in that kitchen, lonely and sad . . .  not sure where my life was headed, everything changed. Everything changed in that instance when I just said, “Is this all there is?” And then the universe said, oh, let me show you, let me show you what is coming for you!” – Meredyth (16:04) Learn how to open yourself up to possibilities in this remarkable episode. We are the people we surround ourselves with. “Look around your world at the people around you, and that’s who you are.” – Meredyth (8:46) If the voice in your head needs a redo, you’re going to love this show. Moving from the familiar can be scary, but conquering your fears leads you to the life you used to dream about! “I was being held back by my thoughts based on other people’s behavior.” – Meredyth (9:16) You get to live your life to the fullest. Let your faith be your guide, and Meredyth is here helping you get the ball rolling! “It’s difficult to make huge transitions in your life inside of the same setting.” – Meredyth (9:58) Sometimes you have to step back to see the full picture. “Whatever is happening to me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be so look for the lesson and the blessing.” – Meredyth (18:23)

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