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Manifesting Balance : 52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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How to Get Unstuck (Confidence and Clarity Boost Sessions)

Are you paralyzed by the stories in your head or lack of real direction? Do you look at others and wish you could be like them? Well you can! Listen to this week’s Confidence and Clarity Boost session and learn easy tips to get moving in the direction of your heart’s desires in a really fun way. Lauren talks to Julie this week about gaining confidence through taking simple action steps. “Now is a really good time to tap into your inner guidance and know it's going to happen. What you want is going to happen, but it's going to happen in the universe's timeline. So that's why tapping into your inner knowing because you're the one that knows what's right and best for you, and taking the time to tap into that inner knowing is super important right now.” – Lauren (04:44) Listen as Lauren provides specific steps for Julie to get her dream job and partner, as well as have time to finish her book and travel. “I would suggest making it, writing it out, making a list of all the qualities you would want in the job, just like you want all the qualities you'd want in a partner.” – Lauren (09:00) When you have limiting beliefs, there are many ways to get to the cause. Writing is a simple solution. "Writing/journaling, to me, journaling and meditation are the two quickest and easiest ways to get to the root cause of anything. There's just nothing better." – Lauren (15:30)   In This Episode: (00:35) – What an ideal life looks like. (01:38) – The biggest roadblock to goals and growth. (02:39) – Why now is the best time to make changes and connect with your inner self. (04:28) – Going over the biggest pain points and obstacles. (05:15) – The three phases of a journey to confidence and clarity. (06:50) – Journaling, breathwork and listening to like-minded people.  (08:25) – The importance of an accountability partner. (09:01) – One list to rule them all.  (12:09) – Lauren explains how meditating for 10 minutes goes a long way. (13:29) – How to take micro actions successfully. (15:45) – Two ways to get to the root cause of anything.   Resources & Links Your Life Roadmap to Confidence and Clarity   52 Weeks of Hope Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard Schedule your Confidence and Clarity Boost Session with Lauren! Julie Shapiro

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