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Discovering a Happier, Healthier You with Steven Washington

Your darkest moments often bring about your most significant growth. Today’s special guest understands this all too well. He is an accomplished author and a former dancer on Broadway. Join us and learn how you can follow your creative passion to the fullest and turn a breakdown into a breakthrough.  Listen as Movement Master, Author, and Recovery Advocate Steven Washington helps you navigate toward your most fulfilling life as he shares tools helping you align with what's right for you.  “There is a part of me that has this idea that once you make a decision to do something, that you have to follow through and do it. There is no such thing as changing your mind. That’s such a limiting belief and such a limiting idea that you create a prison for yourself and so I struggled with that.” Steven offers you many valuable insights and shares his own personal struggles with acknowledging and moving through shame. “Shame needs three things to survive. Secrecy, silence and judgment. So sharing it with someone; allowing them to hear your shame, and not judge you for it hopefully will give you energy that will help you to not judge yourself so harshly.” The conversation moves ahead with Steven explaining the ancient Chinese healthcare system called Qigong, and sharing his self-care routines and ultimately concludes with a positive message of hope that is sure to inspire you. “My message of hope is to just know that you are enough. Because sometimes we feel like we are not enough because something is missing. If only we had that thing that we think is missing, then we would be enough. But actually, just as you are, broken pieces and all, you are enough.”    In this episode: (01:26) –  How to transition from one passion to another. (07:06) –  How to open up and ask for help and why it’s important.  (12:30) – The importance of self care and how it boosts your body, mind and spiritual health. (17:54) – Dating apps still work!  (18:40) – Explaining the ancient Chinese healthcare system Qigong. (20:17) – Why or how you can take that leap of faith.  (22:03) – On staying focused and not going after everything. (23:37) – Talking about shame and working through it. (25:50) – How Steven starts his day and his self-care routine. (28:15) – Talking about friendship and making friends as an adult. (30:09) – Steven’s message of hope to everyone. (30:45) – Opening up about facing the hardest challenge. Guest Steven Washington is the author of Recovering You: Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction, published by New World Library and released in November 2022. As a former professional dancer who performed on Broadway in Disney’s, The Lion King, his love of movement inspired him to become the highly acclaimed Qigong and Pilates teacher that he is today. Steven lives a joyful life of recovery and is passionate about helping others as they navigate towards health and happiness.   Resources & Links 52 Weeks of Hope https://www.52weeksofhope.com  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyLA7Rb6E0PtKBhPGu1vcjA  https://www.facebook.com/52weeksofhope  https://www.twitter.com/52weeksofhope https://www.instagram.com/52weeksofhope Get Your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard now   Steven Washington https://www.stevenwashingtonexperience.com/ https://www.facebook.com/stevenwashingtonexperience https://www.instagram.com/STEVENWASHINGTONEXPERIENCE/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCELKG49gXvN7E-GY271iSHQ   Mentions https://www.stevenwashingtonexperience.com/WRITINGS Recovering You: Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction by Steven Washington

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