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The Importance of Mindfulness and Meditation with Michelle Windmueller

Do you really, truly, deeply feel your emotions? Or do you try to stuff them down and ignore them? Today’s guest, certified IM Trainer and lifelong educator Michelle Windmueller, tried therapy and medication, but didn’t fully experience her emotions until after retirement, when she began meditating for the first time.  “I was so grateful to my first meditation teacher just for saying to me that every emotion is okay, even rage is okay. It's just okay. Feel it as an emotion. What did I learn is it would last, what 90 seconds, if I didn't feed it with a story. And so I stopped feeding my emotions with stories and I just felt them. And they dissipated what emerged was a sense of peace that I had never, ever experienced in my entire life. And that's what I teach people today. I want people to feel that sense of peace without running a marathon, ‘cuz I know the endorphins will happen, but meditation can give you that same kind of high, that same sense of serenity.” In this episode, Michelle shares how discovering meditation helped her cope with trauma, infertility, strengthened her marriage, and helped her feel a new sense of peace.  She also discusses her journey to becoming a certified IM Trainer, her work as a mindfulness teacher, the power of intuition and the importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions.  In This Episode (01:04) Why Michelle’s retirement was just the beginning (04:03) Michelle’s meditation journey (09:19) How meditation also helped improve Michelle’s marriage (11:21) Tapping into your intuition (14:16) Navigating relationship and family drama (17:21) The hardest challenge Michelle has overcome (22:42) Michelle’s message of hope Guest Michelle Windmueller is a certified IM Trainer at Inner Matrix Systems, which teaches meditation, mindfulness and personal mastery.  With a PhD from the University of Southern California, Michelle served as an educator for 45 years.  She teaches meditation and mindfulness to private students and continues to work with schools and universities to transform classrooms into places of greater learning, kindness and understanding. 52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!  Michelle Windmueller LinkedIn Facebook

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