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The Power of Classical Chinese Medicine with Chris Shelton

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. In Qigong, a holistic classical Chinese approach to health and wellness, this idea is known as “the superior doctor” – and today’s guest, healer and teacher Chris Shelton, tells us how we can each become our own superior doctor.  “We have a saying that the superior doctor is one that could prevent disease before disease sets in. The great thing about Qigong is that it creates an awareness within yourself to where you become your own superior doctor. So our big mission is self-empowerment.” Chris found Qigong after a difficult childhood, multiple heart attacks and a painful back injury that left him feeling hopeless. In this episode, he shares how classical Chinese medicine changed his mind, his outlook, and his life – and how it could change yours, too. “The style of Qigong that I teach is for your mental, emotional wellness, because according to classical Chinese medicine, the leading cause of death and disease besides poor diet is emotional trauma. And what's amazing is that when I see a patient in clinic, I have so many tools to diagnose or assess the situation. I could take their pulse. I could look at their tongue just like the acupuncturists, but one of the favorite things I like to do is look at a person's face. And every feature on a person's face tells me a story of how the person thinks – what kind of trauma that they've been through, their personality.” Chris also shares his journey as a healer, how he’s seen people change their lives with Qigong and tai chi, where the body stores trauma and his message of hope.  “Even in the darkest hour, always hold onto that little glimmer of light because the light will always outshine the darkness. Don't get caught up into the negativity, look at the light and you be that beacon of light because in order to create change, you have to change yourself. And how do you change yourself? You change your paradigm for which you think. So in order for you to be that beacon and light, yes, educate yourself. Be aware of what's going on in the world, but be that beacon of light and be mindful over what you think.”   In This Episode (01:05) What Qigong and tai chi are  (03:31) Chris’ story, his journey as a healer and how he became a tai chi master (08:20) Reducing stress and pain by tapping into your chi (12:31) Breathing through stored trauma (25:43) The root of pain (31:32) The hardest challenge Chris has overcome (36:54) Chris’ message of hope   Guest Chris Shelton is a healer, teacher and Qigong master who has dedicated his life to helping people reduce stress and pain. He has worked with professional athletes, Special Olympics teams, and celebrities and thousands of others around the world.  Chris is the founder of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in California, co-created The Qi Club and Qigong Teacher Training and is the author of “Qigong for Self-Refinement.”   Resources & Links 52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!   Chris Shelton Training Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram TikTok

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