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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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The Meaning of Life Revealed

Nobody gets through life unscathed, especially these days. What we need to get through the darkness is the promise of light.  So I interviewed a huge variety of very different people, all from unique backgrounds and beliefs – from rabbis to doctors to storytellers and everyone in between – and asked them what they’d gleaned from just living life.  I noticed their messages had certain things in common – overarching messages of hope that I’ve compiled into what I call The Meaning of Life.  In these messages you’ll hear people talk about their deepest struggles, self-doubt, despair – but you’ll also hear them share about what got them through those times. Self-compassion. Gratitude. Resilience.  And above all, hope.  So join me in this episode as we discover The Meaning of Life together.    52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter! 

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