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Finding Your Purpose with Melissa Hughes

How can we find the strength to persevere through darkness? Is holding on through adversity worth the struggle? How can we find our purpose when times are hard and faith is low?  Today’s guest, entrepreneur, influencer and business coach Melissa Hughes, inspires us with her story of finding purpose and establishing a wildly successful career after losing her job, postpartum depression, struggling through the pandemic with two small children and living overseas.  “I felt like my faith was really like being restored in the sense of knowing like, we go through hard things,” Melissa says. “It really kind of showed me that just because you go through a valley season doesn't mean that, you know, you're a bad person or you failed or anything like that. It just means that you're living a very profound life, you know? And being able to go through something hard and come out through it is a profound life.” In this episode, Melissa shares how her faith fueled her journey to success, the importance of hope, and how you can find your purpose even – and especially – in darkness.  “The thing that carried me is the hope, you know, even when I was in the middle of questioning my faith and everything like that,” Melissa tells us. “There was still that hope that I know that somehow all of this is not gonna be wasted, but it's gonna be used for something always, always. [My story] encourages people that if you're really, truly in a dark, truly dark place, that hope is not lost.”   In This Episode (01:52) Melissa’s story (05:49) Establishing community and inspiring faith while living overseas with two small children (09:19) Finding TikTok and how Melissa started out of her darkness (15:22) “The best wakeup call of my life”  (18:39) Melissa’s advice for those struggling with faith (24:08) The most difficult challenge Melissa’s overcome (28:51) Melissa’s message of hope   About Melissa Melissa Hughes is a Speaker, TikTok Influencer and Amazon best selling author. She has been booked twice on The Kelly Clarkson Show and has hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok for her motherhood content. She just released her first kids book called, "Mommy Loves You When" and also has written "She Can Laugh: A Guide to Living Spiritually Emotionally and Physically Healthy". She has done missionary work in Wales UK and now resides in Grand Rapids Mi with her husband and two kids.   52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!    Melissa Hughes Learn more about Melissa Hughes Follow Melissa on Instagram Connect with Melissa on Facebook 

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