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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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How to Be Seen, Heard and Create Meaningful Connections with Ginni Saraswati

Join the very funny and enlightened Ginni Saraswati as she gives you practical tips on how to go for your real-life dreams. She empowers you to take that leap and walk through your fears with specific tools and practical advice to tackle what's holding you back. Who you should talk to (and not!). Ginni reminds you that everything begins with inner knowledge and how to tap into yours. Listen to Ginni Saraswati, CEO and founder of Ginni Media and host of an award-winning podcast about life as a gay Sri Lankan-born woman growing up in Australia get real with Lauren in this engaging episode. Remember, it's never too late to live your purpose and do what lights you up, and create extraordinary things.

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