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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Lauren Abrams - 52 Weeks of Hope

Who is Lauren Abrams? Discover Lauren’s surprising journey through tough times which ultimately led to a shift where she knew everything would work out, and how you can keep going (even if you don't know how!) Now a successful employee rights lawyer, Lauren experienced a crisis that was the catapult for a quest where she interviews a person a week for a year asking them to share their messages of hope. “People would tell me the most unbelievable stories," which ultimately led to this podcast. She also discusses the shift the world is going through right now, just like a lot of us are going through personally. Community is so important, and if we all just hang in there, it really will get better. Join our 52 Weeks of Hope community! Lauren discusses why hope is always available and by listening to other people's journeys - we can feel less alone. Tune in for this uplifting, personal, resonating opening episode that kicks off the entire series.

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