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Pivoting Toward Your Best Life with Shannon Russell

Are you ready to pivot toward your best life? Do you know you're meant for something greater? Are you ready to take purposeful steps toward your dreams, and thrive doing so? If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to break free of limiting beliefs and live the empowered confident life you deserve.   This week, CEO, Founder, Podcaster, and Career Coach Shannon Russell joins us to discuss her journey pivoting toward the life she wanted, the value of establishing a support system, the challenges of balancing motherhood with her dreams, and the lessons she has learned from the various roles in her professional life.    As Lauren and Shannon unpack Shannon’s incredible journey, Shannon continuously emphasizes the importance of finding accountability partners, establishing a support system, and the connections she has made in her roles as an entrepreneur and a podcaster. She believes fostering connections and telling people your goals will align your vision with the universe and manifest the life you are meant to live.    “Even if you have just that one person you tell this secret little dream to…and that person can keep checking in with you to ask about it. Right? Like, how cool would that be…to have that one person that’s fostering hope in you.”   Everyone has the capacity to develop intimate and steadfast friendships that enrich the quality of our lives, and Shannon is here today to support you on that journey!   “The universe starts rising up to meet you once you start taking action. It just does.”   In this episode:   (01:13) - The catalyst to pivot  (04:28) - Trying on different hats to figure out what you are meant to do (06:22) - Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship with Snapology and podcasting  (09:30) - The value of accountability partners and a support system (11:02) - Podcasting is a powerful tool for making meaningful connections  (13:58) - Overcoming postpartum depression and seeing the silver lining in struggles  (18:30) - Tools you can use to center yourself and escape  (20:28) - Tools to deal with loneliness as an adult in a post-pandemic world (23:55) - Shannon’s message of hope (25:40) - The power of telling people your goals  Guest   Businesswoman and career coach Shannon Russell has helped hundreds of women all over the world pivot toward their dream life by sharing her experiences and entrepreneurial prowess. As the Owner of Snapology Monmouth, she shares S.T.E.M. educational programs with children. As the Founder and CEO of Second Act Success, she gives women the guidance and support they need to prepare and produce their best life. Her tireless devotion to helping other women achieve a life of freedom, abundance, joy, and peace is nothing short of inspiring.    Resources & Links   52 Weeks of Hope https://www.52weeksofhope.com  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyLA7Rb6E0PtKBhPGu1vcjA  https://www.facebook.com/52weeksofhope  https://www.instagram.com/52weeksofhope  https://www.twitter.com/52weeksofhope    Get your FREE Confidence and Clarity Growth Scorecard   Shannon Russell https://secondactsuccess.co/about https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonrussell22/ https://pod.link/1617274364 https://www.instagram.com/secondactsuccess/ https://www.tiktok.com/@secondactsuccess https://www.facebook.com/secondactsuccess.co https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyaEaGiY5AkO1VquTHZ1MCg  

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