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How to Heal Your Relationship with Money with Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Are you ready to take your financial potential and sense of abundance to the next level?    Today’s guest, Dr. Amanda Barrientez– AKA “The Money Healer” – joins Lauren on this week’s episode to offer you tips and tricks to begin manifesting a new sense of abundance in your life. Her beliefs about money stem from this philosophy:   “Everything that you get in your current money reality is an outcome of your subconscious belief system… Most of us never stop to think, ‘What do I believe about money?” (9:41)   After her marriage ended and her time as a single parent began, the pressure to manage money and make ends meet pushed her into the entrepreneurial realm. After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, she's been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs how to transform their relationship to money so they can work less, make more, and have fun.   “At every new level of yourself, you reach and learn new subconscious layers of your mind, and so the journey never ends. And so, for me, you know, it started with, ‘Oh, I own my power as a woman in the world, and it’s OK to be a breadwinner. It’s OK to be a money maker. It’s OK to be a powerhouse woman.’” (12:17)    In this episode, we explore various tools to build your confidence as a money maker, we dive deep into how you can utilize manifestation to foster success and abundance, as well as discuss the details of her recent book, I Am a Money Magnet.    In this episode: (1:06) How she built her business to success (4:46) Developing a rate as a new entrepreneur  (8:17) How Dr. Amanda overcame her limiting beliefs  (12:56) Working less and making more is possible (14:17) How to utilize manifestation principles  (16:44) Dr. Amanda’s book, I Am a Money Magnet (18:39) Dr. Amanda’s starter affirmation statements  (22:41) The importance of celebrating your wins  (24:50) The hardest challenge she’s had to overcome (25:36) Dr. Amanda’s message of hope Guest Dr. Amanda Barrientez, also known as “The Money Healer,” is an entrepreneur and coach that helps others reframe their relationship with money while giving them the tools to foster and manifest abundance in their lives. She is the founder of NFA – No F*****g Around – Money and the host of her podcast The Woman Entrepreneur.    Resources & Links   52 Weeks of Hope https://www.52weeksofhope.com  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyLA7Rb6E0PtKBhPGu1vcjA  https://www.facebook.com/52weeksofhope  https://www.instagram.com/52weeksofhope  https://www.twitter.com/52weeksofhope  Dr. Amanda  https://www.youtube.com/c/NFAMoney?app=desktop https://www.nfamoney.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nfamoney/ https://www.instagram.com/nfamoney/ https://www.facebook.com/NFAMoney/ https://www.amazon.com/Am-Money-Magnet-AffirMantras-Manifest/dp/B0BPVS9H24  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-woman-entrepreneur-podcast/id1456965803   

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