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How To Heal Yourself and Stand in Your Own Power with Cheryl Schirillo

Want to know when your energy level's highest? Why your skin, hair, and joints get dry this time of year, and which foods cure that? Listen as Ayurveda health and mindfulness teacher Cheryl Schirillo helps you tune in to your own wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Cheryl began her spiritual work as a single mom working at her own startup, stressed out and needing something to chill. Starting first in the world of meditation, then furthering her practices, she learned (while pitching investors) how to fully enjoy her experiences, be tuned in to what's happening, and peacefully interact with loved ones and co-workers, and today helps You do the same in this informative episode. Listen as Cheryl's giving you simple tools for coping with stressors in your world right now.

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