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Finding Wisdom in Each Moment with Spring Washam

Lauren talks with Spring Washam, a well-known Buddhist meditation teacher, visionary leader, and author. In this episode, learn how you can overcome stress, fear, and anxiety, and learn wisdom in any moment. Spring shares how to practice self-forgiveness, and tools to help you discover your life purpose and make your own inner calling come true. She also answers common questions about meditation helping you on your own spiritual path. Spring grew up in a violent neighborhood raised by an absent single parent, After being introduced to Buddhism and its message of mindfulness early on, her life unfolded. Spring now spreads the message of living in the present as a meditation and dharma teacher at Woodacre’s Spirit Rock Meditation Center and teaches meditation retreats, workshops, and classes worldwide. she's the author of, A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage, and Wisdom in Any Moment. A wonderful presence, Spring Washam's beauty shines through to YOU in this heartwarming episode.

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