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How to get through Tough Times with Jack Herrguth

Lauren welcomes writer, producer, and entertainment executive Jack Herrguth. A writer and developer for many shows including the hit television series “Sister, Sister” and “Nathan For You” at Comedy Central, he’s also served in senior development roles and Jack recently developed the half-hour comedy, “Killing It” with Paul Feig, and executive produced the 2019 feature film, “Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary.” He produces the monthly comedy game show, “Pop Cultured” with Nicky Urban and Jimmy Pardo.   But this resume doesn't tell the full picture. Jack candidly discusses overcoming cancer twice, thinking his career was over after losing what he thought was his "dream job.” He shares how he overcame his catastrophic thinking and what inspired his new comedy podcast, “Never Surrender,” where he and actor/comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman talk to people in the entertainment industry who have the rug pulled out from under them and think all is over when really, everything works out just fine (go figure!).  Enjoy this inside look at the entertainment industry and how to survive those tough moments. This poignant episode provides you lots of hope and real solutions.

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