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The Four Commitments of Reach

In this episode of The Book Marketing Action Podcast, Becky is joined by Tanmay Vora – Founder of QAspire, a company that combines leadership and capability development with visual thinking. Tanmay shares about his journey to build online influence and make a difference through his ideas, as well as how he has incorporated the four commitments of Becky’s book, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause, into that journey. During the episode, Tanmay also shares: About himself and his work in the world.How he began building his online influence.The strategies and approaches he took when building relationships and an audience online.What consistency means to him and how frequently he creates and shares content.The various ways in which he has practiced and received generosity.How longevity has made an impact on his success.His advice for people who are just beginning the journey to creating reach.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit:  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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