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Writing a Book That Changes Lives

This episode is about the importance of putting your readers first and crafting the kind of books that will change lives. Becky is joined by AJ Harper—Editor, Publishing Strategist, and Author of Write a Must-Read: Craft a Book That Changes Lives–Including Your Own—who discusses her writing journey and why it is important for nonfiction authors to shift from focusing on what they are writing about, to who they are writing for.  During the episode, AJ shares:   About herself and her work in the world.An approach called “Reader First” and why it’s so important to care about readers from the very beginning of the book to the end.Why it’s not fast or easy to write a must-read book.The steps of the Reader Transformation Sequence and how it might be different if someone receives a book as a gift or as part of a sales cycle. How she landed on the title and subtitle of her book and how she coaches authors through the process. Her advice for how authors can overcome the fatigue they might experience when it comes time to market their book. The marketing efforts that have been the most meaningful on her author journey. Her three favorite books of all time.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: Click here to download our new, free resource, Spend This First. Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts! 

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