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Navigating Book Publicity

In this episode, Becky talks to Leah Paulos—Founder of Press Shop PR and Book Publicity School. Listen as Leah shares her advice for navigating book publicity, explains how authors can find their audiences, and outlines strategies for breaking through the noise to get as much media attention for a book as possible.  During the episode, you’ll learn:   About Leah and her work in the world.The types of authors Leah supports and works with at Press Shop PR and Book Publicity School.Whether or not it’s possible to tell if a book is going to be a big success in the media.How authors can navigate a book launch during an election year like 2024.What Leah might avoid or seek out when it comes time to decide on a release date for a book that’s being published during an election year.Tips for authors to break through the noise of the media when everyone’s attention is scattered. The kind of promotion an author can expect from a publisher.The connection between publicity and book sales.How PR can help people with more than just selling books.How Leah has seen PR shift over the years and what has remained the same. Why authors should be paying attention to other experts and books in their field. An exercise for crafting a good email subject line. Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to connect with Becky Robinson and gain access to ongoing learning and conversation.

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