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A Literary Agent’s Book Launch Journey

In this final bonus episode of Season 4, Becky talks to Lucinda Halpern—Author and President of Lucinda Literary. Listen as Lucinda discusses her brand new book, Get Signed, what she hopes to achieve with her launch, and some of the surprises she has experienced throughout her book launch journey.    During the episode, you’ll learn:   About Lucinda and her book. What success looks like for Lucinda and what she most wants to achieve with her book launch. The smartest thing Becky did for her book launch. Some of Becky’s best book marketing tips such as hosting a Virtual Launch Party and creating bulk incentives. A helpful approach from Robbie Samuels for obtaining book reviews. Some of the surprises Lucinda has experienced on her book publishing and marketing journey.  Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please consider filling out this survey to help us better understand our audience so we can continue serving your book marketing needs in future episodes.

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