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Finding Balance Between Writing and Marketing with Megan Ericson

This episode is about how authors can find a balance between their writing and their marketing efforts. Becky is joined by Megan Ericson–Social Media Marketing Expert, Director of Growth at hope*writers, and Host of Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show–who reveals what authors can do to ease the anxiety that marketing brings, and ensure that their social media channels offer value, while still having time to focus on their writing.  During the episode, Megan shares: About the latest social media craze: BeReal. More about herself, where she lives, her work in the world, and her connection to authors and writing.Strategies that can work well for authors who are toggling back and forth between their writing deadlines and their marketing efforts.Her favorite content scheduling tools and the benefits of each one.Content ideas for both fiction and nonfiction authors who may be coming up short on creativity and knowing what to post.What advice she would give to an emerging author who doesn’t have a large following or fanbase yet, but wants to reach a larger audience online.Some of the mistakes she sees writers make when they try to get started creating content for social media. Final thoughts about social media marketing.    For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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