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Fiction Book Marketing Strategies for Nonfiction Authors

This episode is about the creative ways fiction authors are marketing their books and how nonfiction authors can utilize the same strategies. Becky is joined by Christina Kann—Co-Owner and Communications Director for Wildling Press—who discusses her work in the world, the mission of Wildling Press, the best marketing approaches that fiction authors are using, the challenges most authors face when it comes to marketing their books, and the importance of having an authentic social media presence.  During the episode, Christina shares:   About herself and the work of Wildling Press.The types of books that are acquired and published at Wildling Press.The convergence between people with marginalized voices and the types of stories they can tell through Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.Some of the best book marketing approaches that authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy are using.What authors can do to get more creative with video, even if they don’t like being on camera.The challenges that fiction—and nonfiction—authors are facing as they think about marketing. Her message to authors who refuse to market their work.Other best practices that authors can try out on social media.Which authors do a good job of showing up authentically on social media.How an author who isn’t extremely famous can still engage their followers in anticipation of their next novel.How authenticity has played a role in her own journey. How her posts “stay real.” For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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