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Building a Dynamic Launch Team

During this episode, Becky is joined by virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer, Robbie Samuels. Robbie gives insight into methods authors can use to establish effective launch teams, the importance of garnering authentic book reviews, and the best ways to maximize network connections. During the episode, you will discover:   How and why having a launch team is necessary to build awareness around a book launch.Advice on how to get supporters to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.Various book formats that can be used to distribute your book to your launch teams.The difference between verified and unverified book purchases. Ways to maximize your network connections. The importance of using a landing page to funnel all of your support to one place.More about Robbie’s books, Break Out of Boredom, Small List Big Results, and Croissants vs. Bagels.  Make sure you check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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