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Writing the Right Book for Your Business

This episode is about the process of writing a book for your business and how to overcome the inner obstacles you might face along the journey. Becky is joined by Catherine Gregory—Book Coach, Publisher, and Co-Founder of Modern Wisdom Press. Catherine shares her expert guidance for writing a book, and she discusses understanding when it’s the right time to share your message with the world.  During the episode, Catherine also shares:   A little bit about herself, her own author journey, and her business.The resistance and fear she faced as a first-time author, and the resistance and fear she sees in other first-time authors.What authors should be thinking about as they pursue the goal of writing a book to support their business.What causes authors to overthink as they plan their book projects.How she helps first-time authors get clear about who their ultimate reader is.How an author who is not sure what their business will become can go about writing a book for that business.How she gets authors into a space where they will allow their inner wisdom to emerge. Why having a beginner’s mindset can help an author as they start to envision the right book for their business.How she evaluates whether or not a book idea from one of her authors is the right book for their business. The difference between fear and intuition when it comes time to share your work with the world. How the book writing process has been transformative for her and the authors she supports.  Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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