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Investing in the Long-Term Value of Your Book

This episode is about the importance of having a long-term view of the value your book can bring to the world. Becky is joined by two former guests, Gena Cox and Kevin Wilde, who have both reached the one-year anniversary of their latest book launches. Gena and Kevin share what they have learned about book marketing and some tactics that have helped them continue gaining momentum for their work post-launch.  During the episode, Gena and Kevin also share:   About themselves and their work in the world. Some of the tactics and approaches they have used post-launch to continue getting their work out to new audiences.If they tried any tactics that were not worth it in the end.The journey of figuring out their audience for their books and how those audiences have evolved.How earned media—podcast appearances, interviews, articles, blog posts, etc.—have propelled momentum for their books post-launch. The standard Gena has set for herself when it comes to marketing her book: Do at least one thing each week to support and promote the book. Some parting wisdom about investing in the long-term value of your book.  Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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