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Book Awards

This episode is all about book awards! Becky is joined by three authors—Gena Cox, Libby Hoffman, and Kevin Wilde—who have all been successful in applying for, and winning, book awards. During the episode, Gena, Libby, and Kevin talk about the process of seeking out awards for books, whether it’s worthwhile to apply for them, and what book awards have done for the life of their books.  During the episode, you will also discover:   What Gena, Libby, and Kevin’s goals were when applying for book awards, and what the process looked like for each of them.Some of the key points you should know about book awards and the process of applying for them. Misconceptions that other authors might have about the book awards process.The different awards that Gena, Libby, and Kevin applied for and received.If there truly is only an upside to applying for book awards, as long as you have the budget. The benefits of winning a book award, or multiple awards. How an author can amplify the impact of awards once they have won them.Gena, Libby, and Kevin’s final thoughts about the book awards journey. Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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