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PR for Authors

This episode is all about the world of public relations for authors. Becky is joined by PR coach and publicist Lilian Sue. Lilian talks about how impactful mindset is when it comes to PR, some of the most important components of a PR strategy for authors, and how PR supports book promotion and marketing.    During the episode, Lilian also shares:   A little bit about herself and her work in the world. How authors can shift their mindset issues related to publicity and how to make PR more approachable. The crucial components of a PR strategy for authors.The value of an author doing their own pitching to media outlets versus outsourcing to a publicist.Why PR is such an important piece of the book promotion puzzle. Some inspiration and guidance related to marketing and PR for fiction books.  Don’t forget to check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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